Prospective Students

Unfortunately, I do not host interns. I wish you all the best, but please understand that I will not reply to email requests.
Prospective PhD students
I get a lot of emails from prospective PhD students, and struggle to reply to all of them. That said, I love to hear from strong and motivated students whose interests align with mine! Before contacting me, please go through the following to maximise your changes of getting a response:

  • Look at my list of publications to ensure that our research interests overlap.

  • If you think that our research interests overlap, send me an email that (1) mentions your background in NLP, ML and programming and your publications (if you have any). And (2) briefly describes your research ideas for your PhD and how they link to my research profile. There is no need to include an elaborate research proposal (if we decide to go forward with the application, we will refine it together).

  • Include your CV and transcripts as attachments

  • You may also want to check out this information on entry requirements and application deadlines.
    Prospective master/capstone thesis students
    I do not supervise masters projects outside the University of Melbourne.

    Master students at the University of Melbourne who are interested in a capstone project in NLP are welcome to contact me directly. Please include transcripts and interests in your email. You may also want to consult the CIS project data base.